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About Us

We believe that giving the utmost attention to the people we serve and being careful guardians of the tiniest of details is the key to unlocking a holistic hospitality experience beyond compare.

Everything we do is strongly motivated by our goal to develop and improve the Wellness Lifestyle of every single one of our guests.

Holistic Operations Enterprise (HOPE), functions as the operating company of the Awen Group.

We are responsible for the whole operation management of the entire range of the Wellness Real Estate & Communities formats developed by Awen Developers.


What We Do

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The properties we manage are thoroughly designed to be unique, special and deeply connected to the environment and local culture of each development’s location.

Our work is meant to complement each property’s extraordinary design with the constant caring of each and every one of our guests, completely recognizing each person as unique, with different needs, likes and habits. 

Our commitment to outstanding personalized and customizable services within our resorts reinforces our mission while fostering client loyalty.

As safe-keepers of the quality and correct operation of every Awen Developers project, we are also responsible for continuously implementing timely maintenance and appropriate measures to ensure that every element at the property is working swiftly and flawlessly, making every guest’s experience enjoyable and carefree.

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Our Brands

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